When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’
— Sherlock Holmes

The Steel Horse Group Is A professional Licensed And Insured Washington State Private Detective Investigations Agency No. 1969.

A Former U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agent and an expert at securing hard to obtain information, gathering critical intelligence and protecting people at risk.

Legal teams, corporations, government offices and private individuals retain our services when they need to make well informed decisions.




the steel horse group specialize in surveillance investigations, litigation intelligence and security risk mitigation.



surveillance is covertly observing people, groups and organizations in just about any place or environment via two primary methods:

  • Mobile surveillance - which entails gathering intelligence and following subjects on foot, in a vehicle, public transportation, or otherwise as needed.

  • Fixed surveillance - which entails gathering intelligence in an office or indoor setting using technical equipment and often hidden cameras.

we have conducted literally hundreds of successful criminal, corporate and domestic high stakes surveillance investigations.


attorneys and individuals rarely have the time or expertise to chase down every potential lead and perform the tedious process of evidence and intelligence gathering.

specializing in:

  • child custody & divorce disputes

  • wrongfully accused defense investigations

We know what is required to help you build a strong case. providing critical investigation services for attorneys and pro se defendants:

  • Locating & gathering witness statements

  • Evidence collection & preservation

  • Crime scene investigation & analysis

  • Review of police reports, records & personnel files

  • surveillance on persons & property of interest

  • due diligence & Background investigations




We are responsible for protecting our clients from not only physical harm but also safeguarding their reputation, integrity and privacy.

Our experienced investigators utilize proven proactive measures to identify and neutralize risks before they can become a threat.

  • vip protection

  • counter surveillance

  • security consulting


There is nothing impossible to him who will try.
— Alexander the Great

Licensed Principle Investigator Guy Gildner, is a native of The Pacific Northwest who has served the public and private sectors for over twenty years as a private investigator, security Consultant and a Former US Department of Homeland security, Federal ICE Agent.

He spent the majority of his federal law enforcement career on a criminal alien apprehension task force, investigating and removing violent criminals illegally in The United States, often physically escorting them internationally to their countries of origin.

Guy has investigated cases involving violent crimes, human trafficking, criminal fugitives and in conjunction with the U.S. Attorneys office, other federal agencies, state and local law enforcement departments.

In 2010 he left government service and shortly after, established himself as a highly sought after pacific northwest private investigator retained by law firms, government, businesses and private individuals.

Mr. Gildner is a very proactive private detective with a keen understanding of gathering intelligence, working sources and obtaining factual information. He is incredibly discreet and equally as passionate about protecting people from harms way.