contrary to popular belief, not all private investigators are experts at Surveillance. the steel horse group investigators have extensive government and private sector experience, conducting covert surveillance operations for a full spectrum of corporate, legal and private matters. we blend into our environment and provide optimum performance results.



if you think your child may be in danger or neglected in any way while in the custody of the other parent or legal guardian, we can help get you the proof you need to present before the court. our investigators will conduct discreet surveillance on the other half, identify daily routines or nefarious activities, perform comprehensive background checks on anybody that has contact with the children and verify who is actually watching the children.




if you think your spouse or lover is cheating on you, don’t let the feelings of guilt or embarrassment stop you from getting the truth. our investigators have tailed cheaters all over western Washington and we can get you answers. If you are already divorced, we can still get you answers by conducting random surveillance activity checks on your ex to confirm co-Habitation evidence, helping you reduce or eliminate alimony spousal support.



checking a persons background via civil/Criminal records and conducting thorough risk mitigation, is the key to reducing liability, avoiding a possible crisis. our access to data from millions of investigative open and closed sources, allow us to conduct highly confidential background checks and due diligence investigations for attorneys, businesses and private individuals. Often we are retained to simply discover the true integrity of a person. Watching how they live their lives and the choices they make.