opportunities multiply as they are seized.

the steel horse group LLC is run by its founder and Washington State Licensed principle agency private Investigator guy gildner. Leveraging decades of professional private and government sector experience, he provides professional highly confidential protective investigations and risk mitigation services throughout western Washington.

a former united states department of homeland security Federal ICE agent. Mr. gildner spent most of his sworn law enforcement career as a senior agent on a Criminal Alien Apprehension Task Force, Investigating And Removing Violent Criminals and fugitives Illegally In The United States. Guy has conducted enforcement removal Operations in permissive and Austere Environments All Over The World. In Conjunction With The U.S. Attorneys Office, HSI and other Federal/State Agencies, he Investigated Cases ranging from Violent Crimes, human trafficking and transnational gangs to providing protective operations for immigration judges, grand jury witnesses and foreign diplomats.

leaving government service in 2010, Guy soon after established himself as a successful private investigator. He’s investigated a myriad of corporate, criminal and domestic cases throughout the pacific northwest. an incredibly perceptive and resourceful detective, he is Equally as Passionate about keeping people safe. Guy is also an NRA certified firearms instructor and a state of utah DPS concealed handgun instructor. every year hundreds of law abiding citizens in the pacific northwest are certified by Him to attain a multi state reciprocity CCW permit.