opportunities multiply as they are seized.

Leveraging decades of professional private and government sector experience, the steel horse group LLC is run by its founder and Washington State Licensed principle agency private Investigator guy gildner. he provides professional highly confidential private investigative and risk mitigation services throughout the pacific northwest and nationwide.

Mr. gildner is a former united states department of homeland security Federal ICE agent. He spent most of his sworn federal law enforcement career as a senior agent on a Criminal Alien Apprehension Task Force, Investigating And Removing Violent Criminals and fugitives Illegally In The United States.

In Conjunction With The U.S. Attorneys Office, Homeland Security Investigations, Federal And State Law Enforcement Agencies, he Investigated several Cases Involving Violent Crimes, human trafficking-Smuggling, drug trafficking, transnational gangs and counterfeit immigration documents.

he has also provided personal security for DHS judges, government officials and foreign diplomats. Guy has conducted DHS/ICE Operations in permissive and Austere Environments All Over The World.

leaving government service in 2010, shortly after he founded the steel horse group LLC, a protective investigations agency. Guy has had an impressive career as a private detective, confidently surpassing the competition with his unique experience, unparalleled professionalism and a commitment to the absolute satisfaction of his clients.

he has investigated a myriad of cases, from child custody-Abuse, wrongfully accused criminal defense and human trafficking to stalking-Harassment, private family office, corporate investigations, domestic concerns, international marriage fraud and several other cases.

As a certified personal protection specialist, he provides discreet executive protection services and secure transportation for corporate, government and private clientele. he has been a professional protector for almost 30 years and truly cares about keeping people safe.

guy is also an award winning professional driver, having attended several advanced federal/State law enforcement emergency vehicle and protective operations courses. he is equally skilled and licensed to operate class 8 tractor trailer combinations and tour buses.

stemming from his federal law enforcement background, mr. gildner has performed substantial covert secure transportation services via heavy armored tractor trailer operations, transporting precious metals, currency, documents and valuable assets for the United States Treasury and high net worth private families nationwide.

additionally, Guy is an NRA certified firearms instructor, state of utah DPS concealed handgun instructor and a certified Glock armorer. every year hundreds of law abiding citizens in the pacific northwest are certified by guy to attain a multi state reciprocity CCW permit. He also teaches active shooter response seminars to corporate entities and organizations, helping people to identify, understand and respond to the threat accordingly.