There is always a measure of danger and risk in my position of being a public servant, but I do not feel that I need any extra security.
— a congresswoman


the rise of active shooters, terrorism and violent activism has caused an unprecedented demand for professional executive protection and security consulting services.

“True protection is about risk analysis and careful preparation, not flexing your might.”

we have discreetly and often covertly protected people at risk from a myriad of security concerns: workplace violence, stalking and Harassment, travel threats, privacy invasion, estranged lovers and targeted attacks.

if your in town on business, attending a special event, have a credible threat or your concerned about somebody else’s safety; our multifaceted investigators will assess your risk levels, facilitate your secure ease of movement and meet any of your organization’s anonymity and security requirements.

  • corporate executives

  • government officials

  • foreign diplomats

  • public figures

  • private individuals

  • crime witnesses

I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.
— Princess Diana


corporate executives, government officials, public figures and anybody else at elevated levels of risk, should never trust their transportation needs, safety and security to those of a ride share app, parking shuttle or a taxi cab. your well being is not their #1 concern.

“85% of all attacks on targeted subjects have been while in commute or around the vehicle.”

often requested to provide secure transportation in concert with our executive protection services; we are highly experienced professional security drivers and fully licensed to operate rented or privately owned luxury cars, SUV’s and ORV’s, even tour buses and class 8 tractor trailer combinations upon request.

our extremely experienced security drivers have extensive training and skill sets ranging from, advanced emergency and evasive vehicle operations, critical first aid trauma care and counter surveillance measures to conflict identification and avoidance, command center communications, GPS tracking technology and small arms tactics. additionally we conduct Threat/Risk assessments, logistics planning and travel route advances, getting you safely to the venue.

providing secure Transportation for:

  • Conferences and Trade Shows

  • public appearances and Promotions

  • public or Private Special Events

  • executives, HR teams and Employee’s during terminations and labor disputes

  • valuable assets transportation and cargo escorts

  • boeing field, charter and sea-Tac international Airport Meet & Greets

  • 4x4 Tours of the pacific northwest for corporate, domestic and Foreign Travelers - (multilingual personnel available)

a professional cadre of former federal law enforcement, military operatives and diplomatic security specialists, we provide an extremely unique perspective on any security matter.


the steel horse group is a bespoke protective investigations agency, our professional services are performed in the most low profile and unobtrusive manner possible. our goal is not to disrupt your operation or draw unwanted attention.

we protect you, your assets, your brand and your reputation.

our security experts and risk consultants provide corporate entities, high net worth individuals and private families with specialized services and advice to reduce risk through comprehensive preventative measures. we will identify, assess and stop any threat, risk or vulnerability, providing effective security solutions appropriate to your situation.


  • securing employees and assets during and after high risk terminations.

    • including special circumstances -

      • hostile surveillance detection

      • stalking harassment investigations

      • robbery suppression teams

      • valuable assets protection


  • physical security and risk assessments

    • security survey audits

    • program design and implementation

    • red team penetration testing

    • active shooter response training

    • individual security risk consulting


  • secure transportation of executives, celebrities, politicians, others at risk and/or valuable assets anywhere in the pacific northwest.

  • travel protective operation teams for private or family travel vacations - nationwide or internationally.


  • secure evacuations and critical protective services of executives, employees, clients and assets during natural disasters, political turmoil and other crisis situations.

  • 24 hour mobile safe house operations designed to evade a higher level of threat. often implemented during cases of unstable domestic abuse, targeted attacks or stalking concerns.


  • at times of elevated security risk, we keep our principal(s) and their family members safe at primary or secondary residences any where in the world upon request.


  • event security planning and oversight of private or corporate special events, keeping your VIP’s and other guests safe from harm.