Everyday more Americans are getting their resident CCW permits arming themselves and protecting their loved ones from harms way. But what do you do when traveling out of state?




A law-abiding citizen with certified training can attain a non-resident permit from the States of Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Florida and others. Combined with your specific state resident permit and multi-state reciprocity, you could legally carry a concealed firearm in over 75% of the United States.

attend a “one time” 4 hour training course, based on the utah bCI curriculum covering: The safe loading / unloading, storage, different types of firearms, ammunition considerations, current laws defining lawful self-defense, transporting, concealment methods, use of force by private citizens and the application process. There is "No Live Fire" required for this course.

Note: you do not need your state resident cWP to attend this course. however, to apply for any non resident CCW permit, you must first have your resident CCW permit. utah DPS gives you one year to apply for your permit or you have to take the course again.

upon completion, Your permit application and training certificate is stamped by a Certified Concealed Firearm Instructor and Fingerprinting is completed by a retired police forensics expert. (additional fees apply)

then you submit your application packet with your permit fees, fingerprint cards, passport photos, a copy of your training certificate and state resident CCW permit, by mail to utah, arizona and florida. however, your oregon permit must be applied for in person by appointment, at the oregon state county sheriffs department of your choice.

then you wait for each state you applied for to run a criminal background check and process your permit. turn around time is dependent on each state’s current demand for the permit but averages 30 to 90 days. Active duty military personnel applications are often expedited.

BONUS! I-1639 certification is now offered at no extra cost in every class we teach!


Host A Course…

the host is pro bono (minimum 5 students) All we require is a clean, secure location with preferably WiFi access. we offer veteran and 10+ Student discounts. Active Duty Military: contact us for more information on scheduling a private course for your unit.

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general admission $150 | HOG members $125 | military veterans $100

I highly recommend taking a class from Guy. Our multi-state CCW class was educational for both my husband and I despite me being a newer gun owner and my husband having been raised around weapons. I left with more confidence and a better understanding of my rights and responsibilities.
Guy’s class is a must take. I learned a lot of valuable information as well as changed how I viewed others. It was both fun and educational. I believe all responsible gun carriers should take this course. Thanks Guy.




An active Shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.

we provide dynamic group training seminars and consulting designed to better prepare corporate entities and organizations how to act effectively and decisively during a violent active shooter crisis.

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