The Steel Horse Group Surveillance Private Investigators

The Steel Horse Group Surveillance Private Investigators



Surveillance is the covert observation of people, places and vehicles, which Government, law enforcement agencies, corporations and private detectives use as a valuable tool to investigate allegations of criminal, civil, corporate and/or nefarious domestic behavior.

techniques range from physical, Static and Mobile observations from one or two investigators to large team operations, including aerial and marine units. Surveillance can also involve major risks; The detection of a private investigator's presence can compromise not only their case but the client as well.

do not be fooled by the untrained, contrary to popular belief not all private investigators or even police detectives are surveillance experts. when seeking surveillance services, perspective clients should always inquire as to the professional experience and training of the investigators.

the steel horse group investigators are primarily former federal law enforcement, military and government career trained experts in the art of surveillance, counter surveillance and intelligence gathering investigations.

we have performed hundreds of successful high stakes civil, criminal and domestic surveillance investigations throughout western Washington.

our investigators often discover information that is not only incredibly sensitive in nature but having the capacity to be of a high impact on a persons marital status, children, family, love life, business, career, finances and reputation. rest assured that our investigators are true professionals who know that discretion and confidentiality are the very essence of every case we investigate.

our areas of expertise...

  • divorce & Child Custody
  • Cheating infidelity cases
  • Business/Personal Due Diligence
  • harassment Investigations
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Protective Operations
  • Difficult Process Service